Wellington Caves NSW

Wellington Caves NSW

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Address: 8 Kilometers from town centre Wellington, NSW, 2820
Contact No: 02 68451418

If your class wants to know the difference between a stalactite and stalagmite or if you want them to see bone fragments and fossils from millions of years ago, then the Wellington Caves is the place to go.

One of the state’s most intriguing education attractions, the caves allows you to explore two of the most breathtakingly beautiful show caves in the world – the Cathedral and Gaden caves. While underground, students will have the opportunity to see;

  • Stalactites
  • Stalagmites
  • Helictites
  • Flowstone
  • Cave coral
  • Fossils and an Underground well

Alternatively students can discover and learn about the workings of a World War 1 mine by taking a tour of the Phosphate Mine.

The mine was open from 1914 to 1918 and during that time it produced just 6000 tonnes of phosphate and rock. Today, students are able to walk through the mine and learn about the efforts these miners went to in searching for phosphate.

Megafauna bones dating back to the Pleistocene Period two million years ago were first discovered at Wellington and many are visible in the mud walls of the bone cave which is located in the mine. It is believed the discovery of these bones were influential in Charles Darwin’s theory on evolution.

Wellington Caves is located just 8km from Wellington, with the caves complex also boasting accommodation facilities with schools being well catered for, a kiosk which can provide cooked and prepared dinners and lunches, and just across the road is Wellington’s Japanese Gardens.

Contacting the caves
Call us today on (02) 6845 1418 and enquire about our education packs or to obtain a free quote on your next school excursion. To find out more visit or email

Your school group can stay at the Wellington Caves Caravan Park as part of your excursion. The Caves Kiosk can also supply meals for your group (on request).

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