Address:Sturt Hwy, Darlington Point NSW 2706
Contact No: 0412 060 342

Welcome to Altina Wildlife Park

This outstanding Safari Park has unique personalised tours, accomplished in style via Personalised Horse Drawn/Motorised Cart Tours, furnished with comfortable seats. The open-aired and leisurely feel of the tour will allow you to experience close up encounters with our animals. Whilst touring our Park that is cradled amongst majestic River Red Gums, observe many splendid native bird and animal species such as Parrots, Emus, Birds of Prey, Kangaroos and Goannas. The highlights of the tour are the exotic animals that roam in large open styled enclosures which are very content to feed near the cart as we stop for a closer look. Altina is world-renowned for its conservation efforts with numerous species. Tours can be directed to your subject of choice with prior notice eg. Endangered species, threatened habitats etc. to suit your class topic. With the ability to cater up to 90 students on each tour time, Altina is your perfect educational go-to destination. As Tours are by bookings only, be sure to call our team to book your group on 0412 060 342.


                         Enquires & Bookings Ph: 0412 060 342

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